Monday, 7 April 2014

salute post 2.... The heat is on

well I get 4 more bites at the cherry til Saturday and Salute....

While the figures are painted there is still bases and basing to go, so no club tomorrow, a sacrifice to the Sheild transfer and basing daemons of the Macedonian Pikes

Wednesday will be detailing the part painted Celts cavalry and paint the bases of everything brown

Thursday is detailing the Pathian horse archers and Varnish the Celts and Pathians...  And dry brushing and edges in earth

Friday is Flock and anything else that needs catching up on....

selling unbased figures is so much easier.... Hates bases.. Hatesss I do

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Salute Special OOB

24 28mm Macedonian Phalangites  - DONE 26/3
20 28mm Macedonian Phalangites  - DONE 5/4
20 28mm Macedonian Phalangites  - DONE 7/4

5 28mm Celt Chariots DONE 23/3

10 28mm Celt Cavalry DONE 11/4

10 28mm Parthian Horse Archers -DONE 9/4

Unit 10mm ACW Union Cavalry-DONE 27/3

Unit 10mm Persian Light Horse - DONE 31/3
Unit 10mm Macedonian Phalangites - DONE 29/3
unit 10mm Indian Javelins -DONE 3/4

January Catch Up

50 28mm Mantic Goblins - base coats done

Sunday, 2 March 2014

march OOB

on the hitlist for now

5 28mm Celt Chariots DONE 23/3
10 28mm Celt Cavalry
10 28mm Parthian Horse Archers

February Catch up
48 Grenadier Company -DONE 19/3

January Catch Up
50 28mm Mantic Goblins - base coats done

Saturday, 1 February 2014

February painting OOB

on the hitlist for now

70 28mm AWI Highlanders
And another 70 28mm Higlanders.... Because I can't multiply 6x20 properly any more....

These are for a display game at Salute... Its gonna be close this time I think
38 Light Company -DONE 17/2
48 Grenadier Company
40 Centre Company - DONE 2/3
10 High Command (actually French but not when they are painted Red)-DONE 9/2

That's 100 kilts... Oh shit oh shit oh shit

January Catch Up
24 28mm Carthaginian - DONE 3/2
50 28mm Mantic Goblins - base coats done
3.  10mm Indian Elephants - DONE 4/2

Sunday, 19 January 2014

January Painting OOB

24 28mm Thracian - DONE
24 28mm Carthaginian -DONE
24 28mm Carthaginian - DONE 23/1
24 28mm Carthaginian

50 28mm Blue Goblins

3 10mm Indian Elephants
30 10mm Roman Triarii - DONE
6 10mm Celt Chariots- DONE 27/1
6 10mm ACW Artillery - DONE 24/1

Monday, 12 August 2013


Just found out I charge commission work at the same rate as a third world painting service...

So am I too cheap or VFM?

Bet my mortgage would get me quite a large games room in down town Mumbai :)

And Perrys are putting up the price of plastic boxes by £2 a go.... The same box I bought for £10 on day of release? Now that's inflation, if only I earned twice what I earned then and not nearly half....

So which future will be better... Revolution or Dark Skies or The Walking Dead....

Anyway back to painting blue goblins

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Forgot the movies

Worlds End ****/5 as good as hot fuzz, no Shaun of the dead... Some classic 'cornetto trilogy' moments that leave you wanting the next one... Still wish they had made the Vampire one ' from dusk til Shaun' but fingers crossed

Now you see me... ***/5 was ok, clever like a Colombo film, as in all the clues are there but hidden well, except one big 'oh' moment that wraps it all together....

Some big movies out next month.... Lone ranger is my next big thing, get those LOTOW rules dusted down