Thursday, 26 July 2007

ok, quick update

Finished .... 350 10mm Prussians
Started....... 350 10mm Austrians

Finished the Country and Army builder charts
Started the Character generation charts

NOT started the 30mm RSM figures
or the painting orders
HAVE started the hex rules

Played 2 games, went well... changed it now tho

Played mostly Hersoscape at club, want new Marvelscape from the US, specially in Walmart dollar prices.... not UK import prices

Also want my pendraken 10mm order to arrive in post to finish building up the little armies....

PROMISE to take pictures...... create pretty 'how to...' files for the creator stuff and post in SOCDAISY files....

cheers Ox

PS the picture is of my LARP character, he is called Ook McFook, he is in the Loren Trust system and in the Bears Faction, he wears a kilt...... drinks cider and mead, fights with a two handed axe or a sword an sheild..... all round good chap

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