Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cavalier... VBCW?

Hi all

Well the first show of the year occured and a new mini project has been started, kinda..?

Well 'flying Lead' is still flavour of the month and while at the show i saw the Musketeer Miniatures figure for a 'Very Britich Civil War'... men in skirts and fascists? I'm in!!!

So 90£ later i have core forces for BUF, Regulars, Scots convernantors and Anglican League units... plus some sailors i will wedge in :)
Rich (of the surfer shack blog, and author of flying lead :)) picked up some figures for his Cornish Seperatists and a bag-o-vehicles :) let the Lead Fly i recon.. game one saw my BUF handed their arses by Birtie Wooster... so all is cool with the world :)

Regrets, yeah i didnt buy the bags of WW1 brits and Germans (and maybe french !!) from the Bring n Buy, money is tight to be honest, but i think i could of managed to justify it in the long run.. probably...

So IF the owner of those figures ( i beleive they were Foundry) wants to get in touch with a view to maybe a swap of figures, or Services... or cash if they prefer still ... feel free to leave a message :)

cheers Shaun

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Fitz-Badger said...

With your mention of Wooster I could see some fun in getting into a VBCW along Wodehousian lines... :)