Monday, 31 January 2011

Fffffffff sake ..... !!!!!!

Well I am in funk still, the doldrums.... And I can't seem to shift it, 7 months maybe?

Have managed to pump out some 15mm SciFi bits and pieces, but nothing much really...

Am playing 5150 but not liking it at all this time round...
Have bought Command And Colors Napoleonics with a view to more table top battles... Didnt mind playing Battlelore at the weekend, wonder if I should get the new anniversary edition of Battle Cry....

Have stuck n prepped some 28mm WW1 Renegade Brits to do as Guards for a VBCW. Havent done the Germans yet to use as BUF assault troops... Or jagers for the Anglican League troops...

And don't get me started on the 10mm Impetus stuff or the 28mm Kings of war stuff from mantic.... Or rebasing my GW fantasy stuff to use on impetus sabot bases.... Greer and arghhh just can't be @rsed to do any of it..

Oh and war-games factory have said the WSS infantry will be sent soon.... Meh whatever

Anyone want to buy a hobby? Must collect tho as shipping may cost ya more than the lead/plastic/wood mountain

Rant and moan , rant and moan

Cheers Shaun


Ray said...

Sorry , but I had to laugh at your post!! I went through that a couple of years ago, I was supposed to be painting up a 25mm AWI French unit for my mate, it was all white, with white cuff, white turnbacks and white belts, but he wanted a black undercoat, absolutley bloody boring, it took me 9 months to get it done, I could have very happily smashed the figures up with anything that was handy. Just keep plodding on, you'll get the bug back soon...fingers crossed!

Bluebear Jeff said...

One trick that might work is to clear your paint station of all figures except for one small unit.

Prime the figures. Then paint the flesh on the figures.

I find that once I've painted the flesh, the figures start to look "alive" . . . and then it seems to be easy to add another color or two when there are a few minutes available.

Only have one small unit visible . . . because that is a "do-able" project . . . it is much easier to finish that way.

Hope that this helps, sir.

-- Jeff

Rich Jones said...

Gee now I feel guilty - if you had come round for a game you wouldn't have had time to post !!!

Gaming tomorrow!!!