Wednesday, 21 December 2011

They think it's all over.....

It is now.....

So with painting points at an all time low..

And the winter being spent reboxing and sorting out what figures I actually have, I have invisibly bought a card game.

Yesterdays club night saw the seal being broken on Shadows copy of BLood Bowl Team Manager. Liked it, can see huge potential and have now bought it off of eBay.

And the bonus is I don't have to paint anything!!

Seasons greetings

Cheers Shaun


abdul666 said...

Greetings indeed!

What about your 'Imagi-Nary' 19th C. project -re. your previous post?


Shaun McTague said...

He he, the boxes are under the tree... Was reading this months war-games illustrated about aliwel and the sihk wars.... Guessing it's a good omen out of the blue, Shaun

Beccas said...

Merry Christmas mate.