Sunday, 19 January 2014

January Painting OOB

24 28mm Thracian - DONE
24 28mm Carthaginian -DONE
24 28mm Carthaginian - DONE 23/1
24 28mm Carthaginian

50 28mm Blue Goblins

3 10mm Indian Elephants
30 10mm Roman Triarii - DONE
6 10mm Celt Chariots- DONE 27/1
6 10mm ACW Artillery - DONE 24/1


legatus hedlius said...

That's more figures than I paint in two years!

Shaun McTague said...

If only I got to keep any of them :)

Maybe not the blue goblins.....

28mm may be in a future WArgames Illustrated and the 10mm hopefully will be on the Newline trade stand

Thankfully I don't have to do the basing or the target would be a tad lower