Monday, 25 June 2007

baby steps

Hi all,

Well it’s been a while so I thought a quick update was in order.

The work to create my Imagi-Nations has taken a few faltering steps forward, firstly they are named as Saxe-Nweilintz, a Prussian based force and Skavenburg, an Austrian based force. The second step has been the nearly completed Nation Generator which will provide the map, terrain and forces available to each of the Countries created.

Still to do are the National characteristics of the nations and then the Character generator, to provide Officers and officials for the governing and ruling of the Nation.

National characteristics – was thinking of the different ways that each nation fought in this period, but without a huge amount of period knowledge this is proving a little difficult

Prussian – had the ability to MANUEVRE better than most nations
Austrians – not sure – some sort of larger units
British – some sort of firing bonus – but not sure
Russian – usually some sort of Morale bonus

That covers most aspects of rules… Movement, Firing, Morale and unit sizes

Character Statistics – these are used in game but also to provide some role-play aspects to the army…

Leadership – this will be battlefield prowess
Political/Power – this can be used for campaign moves??
Appearance – this could influence the Political test, but also it could detract too
Intelligence – not sure here, but I am sure it has a use
Wealth – definitely caused more problems in this period
Health/Age – could influence much, also for assassination attempts

Each factor could give a modifier for different tests in the game.

Figures –
The 10mms are coming along nicely and will be ideal for CnC based hex game.
The RSM95’s have been sent and the payment taken in GBP’s, with each figure working out at 50p for foot, 1£ for cavalry and 1£ per gun….. So this hits the VFM button, so just need to see the figures in the metal to see if I am happy on style.

Rules –
Horse n Musket 10mm Command and Colours based rules, coming along fine so far
OSW – maybe WAB style rules……. With some Magic…


Fitz-Badger said...

Good to hear you're making progress. Looking forward to seeing pics of your minis/units when you get some painted and photographed, nudge nudge.

abdul666 said...

Even more impatient than Fitz-Badger? Having for each (actual or intended) unit an 'identification sheet' illustrated by 1 specific flag + 1 uniform (as on using Jeff's and David's templates) is probably the better way to visualize (for yourself, perhaps to try & test designs) and then share with us the appeareance of your Armed Mights. They would still usefully complement photos of the same units 'en masse' once the painting done.

abdul666 said...

I fully understand Saxe-Nweilintz, is Prussian-based and Skavenburg Austrian-based; but even if respectively Prussian- and Austrian-looking enough to moonlight as such against an historical opponent (or when solo re-enacting an austro-prussian historical battle), perhaps you can feel free to introduce enough unhistorical details so that they would deserve to enter the 'Funcken of Fictitious Lace Wars Armies'?

abdul666 said...

A note of warning: the ruler of Hesse-Fedora has just claimed:"I have found that playing with the templates at "Not By Appointment" can be addictive!"
And Jeff of has also templates for infantry flags (flags for various types of cavalry coming)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Shaun,

Hop your imaginary nations are coming along swimmingly. PLease do share some photos of your painting work here when you've finidhed a few figures.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

MurdocK said...

Hex-based moves eh?

This does lend itself to more of the ... grand scale than the tactical one.

Have you considered a -non grid- system?