Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Plan

Hi all, after much thought i have come up withg a plan...
I game primarily in 10mm and 28mm, and as such all my scenery is
geared towards these figure sizes, so while veiwing all the blogs for
inspiration i was drawn to the RSM95 figures for both style and price
(hopefully, after import duties and shipping).
I wanted to create 2 armies, as i appear to be quite some distance
from any fellow Imagi-nation players, based around Prussian and
Austrian figures, each of 12 Infantry unit, 6-8 Cavalry units and 3
Artillery units. So i placed my order via the web for 4 bags of
infantry, 4 bags of cavalry and 2 bags of artillery and sat back to
wait and work out the painting plan, at my current rate the 2 armies
would be completed by 2010, i realised this wasnt very NOW
So after a quick phone call to Andy at Old Glory 10mm on Monday and a delivery on Wednesday, i now have the figures for 10 units of
infantry and 4 cavalry and 3 artillery per side in 10mm. Following a
quick paint around I will play with these using a variantion of
BattleCry (Command and Colors rules, played on a Hex Grid), while i
paint up the 30mms to my usual standard and try to recruit someone in the area for some Old School Gaming with CHARGE! type rules.
So the decision of scale was eventually not to decide, so just need
to create 2 countries, pick a colour, a flag and a symbol, base up
the strips and get em on the field.....
also after all the blog talk i thought i would also attempt to start
one of these too, so that not only will i post up the progress of my
Imagi-nation but also the progress on the TMP PLEDGE that i started
in January.... 650 25mm figures so this year, shame they arnt mine
but it does mean i can buy in some more RSM95's.....
cheers Shaun

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome to Blogland, Shaun. If you wish to be part of the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog, I will need your email address to have an invitation sent to you.

You can email me at

If you wish to create a blog for each country, that is fine . . . the only thing for you to consider is if you want to have that many blogs to update.

I will confess that I'm thinking of starting a separate blog for my "vile" Stagonians.

-- Jeff