Monday, 8 April 2013

April fuel

As its April I figured an update was due, being on holiday and generally off hobby lately has resulted in more games and less paint. Also I have hit the can be arsed wall again.

Two Dreadball teams painted for 20 points
Still not finished the Ratlins and last Chancers but am gonna get them done this week.

I need a project to kickstart the year but am flitting between too many scales and ideas, so instead of throwing money ,which I don't really have, at the problem I am going to go to Salute for some inspiration. Paint some units to sell at BnBs later in the year and let the hobby fund itself again.

Except for the 100£ christmas money left that I need to make into something physical soon or risk loosing it to the bills.

I have several projects in the offing but am being drawn to 28mm Sudan. I already have 4 boxes of pErry Ansar to build and paint, but can't decide what to buy to face off against them.

Option 1 is perry metal British units at 6.50£ a pack of 6 or 26£ a unit plus a gun and some sailors with an MG

option 2 will be to go for the new Perry Plastic AWI at 18£ for 40 odd Which willPlace the action 100years earlier and be a little more imaginary but a lot more affordable

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