Monday, 22 April 2013

Option 3......

Salute has been and gone, it just felt too big this year..... Or maybe my hobby is just small? Not sure, very much enjoyed it but can't seem to remember anything awe inspiring but I also seem to have missed an awful lot of the games in my wanderings. Did see many people I know from various hobbies, a little bit of cross hobby pollution.

Well Mssrs Perry failed to grab my money as they were guzzumped by Victrix and there one off, til next time, Salute special of 10 boxes for £130.00, a no brainer at £9 off per box. So now I have 480 hoplites and a few ideas.

club has seen the return of actual figure gaming which I get to play with!! ACW which led to my purchase of 2more Perry Infantry and a Zouave Boxes to build units into solid 24 figure units with 4 skirmishers each.... Will even try to convert some Berdans in fockcoats from the spare shell jackets.

My plastic Wargames Factory Romans now have 48 plastic velites from new kid on the block, Agema.

I had a brief look at the 3ups for Warlord, WW2  Japanese ... Meh, then at Perry, WOTR dismounted men at arms and mounted sergeants.... Meh, and the FireForge, Mongols? Eh, what happened to the Crusade stuff... And Victrix, had lots to say bu nothing to show ...

Perry did tempt me with Desert Rats, but not Africa Corps? If I was still VBCWing they are ideal for a unit of ' black shorts' ala Jeeves and Wooster fame, will wait and see.

And then as I was about to get some of the new Perry AWI... Dave Thomas had sold out? so I have shelved the money til the next show and until I have got my glue on and maybe painted some more metals to feed to he bring and buy

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legatus hedlius said...

I wasn't impressed with the games this year, either. Some were very good but nothing jaw dropping like the pirate game I remember from a few years ago or the Peninsula war game from last year.

480 hoplites! I've made six since last year!