Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Starter for 10.....

Where's has my paint mojo gone?

Figures started since the last post -

24 ACW Cavalry
24 Wild German Tribesmen
48 Gallic Warband

figures finished -

commissions accepted -
50 Dreadball figures

games played - none

So, where to next? Wibbly wobbly time machine trip to the 60s not an option


James Brewerton said...

best thing I find is to pick a figure you enjoy painting and just complete one from start to finish. The other thing I do is read a good book. I have several that get me painting like mad. Any sharp books a few David Gemmell ones the Shanara books or many historical ones.
If that does not work forget about painting go out and chill, your mojo will kick in later. Worse thing to do is push yourself
Peace James

Sean said...

I know that feeling...been suffering from it a while now...been doing a few things but not close to what I used to do. Its coming back slowly. hope yours does too, Try a distraction figure find one you really would like to paint get it and start, and add more stuff as you wait for coats to dry. Been working for me.
Take care