Sunday, 23 June 2013

One by one...

So painting dreadball MVPs one at a time, customer has requested 'canon' or book colour schemes... But need ing to paint 2 an hour is proving a struggle, have finished three teams in his own colour schemes.

Also taking a break from these by painting Gallic warband figures, 8 at a time, hopefully this will give a varied colour scheme, 24 figure units will be on sale later in the year at either SELWG or WaRfayre at Reading, just in time for the road tax and Xmas presents, anyone got access to cheap theatre tickets? Les mis please.. :)

And a unit of dark skinned numidian light infantry, African skin tones more than middle east.... Who knows, no two websites  agree, altho 15mm tend to be darker than 28mm it seems

So 92 figures this month somehow... None for me, but to be honest I need the money more than figures that I won't play with til I retire in 25 years time.


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