Friday, 22 February 2008

515-634 Napoleonics for Sale

THe figures are by Newline Designs and come in 24 figure bags, giving a mix of command, flank and centre companies. The flag is from warflag.

Bases are 60mm across and 20mm deep with 4 figures on each. I put these on the bring and buy at 60£ each, the last lot of Austrians and British all went last year, the french i had painted didnt even make it through the door at one show.

Painting point wise i have another 56 points waiting from the Romans, but need to flock and sheild them, if i get the flock done i will suffer the sheild missing to count them in, or else i will wait til next month and have a shield-athon for all the Romans on Project2

Cavalier at Tonbridge on Sunday should provide me with more Ancient figures. Field of Glory arrived so i will try painting up some units or BattleGroups for those rules instead of WAB, then if WAB player buy erm they can just put them on Sabots or use casualty markers, hell at 2.50 a paint job they can afford to rebase them.

cheers shaun


Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice! I could see why someone might buy them. :-)

abdul666 said...

Very nice indeed!
But... where the tricorns? [grin]