Saturday, 9 February 2008

February 77 - 124 (467 - 514)

These are the last 2 units of cavalry for Graham from my 'spare' figures. These are French Napoleonic Chassuers 'a' Chavel, one unit is red faced, while the other is yellow. Colourful and will be gone come Wednesday, gone to be with the rest of Grahams figures, mostly painted by me over 20 years of orders.

This leaves just 4 units of 24 French 'Old Glory' figures to be painted as Danish troops and 18 Union Artillery on the painting order book, then its back to prepainted figures for Bring n Buy tables at shows, or sold off of here i suppose once i post the unit as finished and for sale.... another use for the blog i suppose, just dont think i have many uk based viewers.

Tomorrow is first of the annual treks to Newark, around 250miles round trip, to the Hammerhead show, have to drop off an order for ACW and hopefully pick up the last from Pat to complete his latest project. Also will be picking up some Ancients 28mm figures for the Roman Project, African Allies including elephants. Might even pick up a 'Field of Glory' ruleset in advance of the cheaper preordered one off of Amazon, which i could then sell on to one of the club guys, splitting the diferance on the 2. Wont get any Campaign books tho. Will wait for those.

Wish i could get ahold of the new plastic ancients figures too, especially the warband celts..... patience is a virtue i guess.

cheers Ox

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Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good! I like the colors and the paint job overall.