Saturday, 16 February 2008

Playing the long game...

Well Hammerhead last Sunday was a bit disappointing to be honest, nice show, excellent BringNBuy, but i couldnt get any Ancient figures as it has completely gone over to Fantasy and SciFi figures...... NExt Sunday is Cavalier at Tonbridge, there WILL be Elephants.

I have been painting, despite the lack of posts, but havent finished anything, i have 48 PReatorians awaiting there flock and sheilds, meanwhile the a further 72 Napoleonic French are getting their base colours to be sold next Sunday hopefully, which should fund the Ancients Purchases. Want to add an Egytian Axeman unit to the Roman Eastern Army and as it is my world i was gonna add an Indian Army. So that is 144 Painting Points waiting in the wings and a pretty big shopping list for next weekend.

'Field of GLory' hasnt shown up yet, but Amazon say Tuesday. Will see how that effects my painting schedule. From initial read ups i think these rules will prove to be just the right mix of what i like to play, just need to fit the games into the 3 hour playing slots i have. I think my choice for a 50mm frontage for the my Ancients will mean i wont play in many torunements, but if i place then on Sabot bases it shoul be ok, but for private games on a 6by4 i think the bases should be ok, 18 figure Roman units tho instead of 24..... will have to see.

HAve also started playing some games against my 9 year old, he is very lucky on the dice, which is why i hardly ever win. He uses his Skaven Ratmen Army in the game i created for playing at LARP events, i called it 'Warleader' and the armies are multiple figure, based on 70cm GW circuar bases, while the board is an 8 by 6 grid. I have created armies for most of the Fantasy forces available in GW Plastic, and themed each army to fight diferently. Will post some pictures on here sometime.

Cheers Shaun

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, Shaun, please do show us your son giving your forces a drubbing. Document it for his later appreciation.

I say go ahead and base your figures the way YOU want to.

For my own home rules, I figured out how I wanted units to look, then wrote rules for that look . . . and I'm pleased.

-- Jeff