Sunday, 8 January 2017

18 months later...

Well. I'm back ish

Gonna try for a weekly blog

Painting - 28mm Persian, Greek and Scythian cavalry for Simon (74pts)

Gaming - DnD bi weekly campaign

Buying - not a lot, kickstarters last year featured heavily, but I still haven't played any of them! Onus, black plague and TWD all out war 

2016 - all commission work for Simon (To The Strongest) Trevor Halsal (Socety of Anciets ) Ron Ringrose (Essex MegaGamer) 

2017 - paint something for me !! Probably the 28mm Gladiators for plaing Jugula with an play Jugula again :) and maybe a second larger project based on The Men Who Would Be Kings TMWWBK 

And obviously go for the 1000 28mm figure target again

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