Sunday, 29 January 2017

Awkward 4th post

Hobby ... No games, no DnD, no purchases, no sales.

C-Painting .. Nothing competed, 14 ECW Currassier base painted, 20 draught horses base painted, 3 Indian elephants under coated.

P-Painting.. 24 gladiators prepared, 36 perry plastic Sudan British under coated.

Have managed to tidy and sort out my gaming storage area, this has highlighted that I could probably sell most of it and not miss it ... A history of abandoned projects, remnants of periods long since painted and sold, multiple scales for the same armies..

2017 may be the year I rationalise and actually recycle the lead pile... Altho it pains me to actually give up on things that I once had such a passion for as to buy the figures, but then give up on it.

Things I'll not give up on -
10mm ancients and warmaster fantasy armies - TtS bases, usable for Hail Ceasar and Basic Impetus
28mm VBCWgW - very British Civil War goes Weird ... Probably using Fyng Lead or Bolt action
28mm Sudan - TMWWBK - new project old figures
28mm Dragon Rampant - new project old GW figures
28mm Imagi-nations - old project new figures - perry plastic AWI and Naps - repurposed from abandoned old projects

Leaves a lot of 28mm metal n plastic ancients, ACW and war of Roses I could paint to sell or create other projects from. 10mm ww1/2 stuff and even some 15mm celts / Medievals to find a home for.

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