Sunday, 22 January 2017

Blog the 3rd

Hobby... Still not played a game, just found my jugula rule book tho !!! Whoop whoop now to paint those 16 odd gladiators for me to actually play a game with :) as per usual I'm think how to expand the game options having watched Gladiator with Russ Crowe in it... Cavalry and chariots... Tigers... Hmm, why was it never built on as a game? With so many options.. Before I even get on to mythical options lol.. Minotuars anyone?

Painting.. Finished 20 draught horses and a few drovers for RR, sent them off... Then finished the cavalry masses and some Persian archers for Simon, that's about 4 units worth for his To The Strongest games at Wargames Holiday Centre in March...

Bringing my points up to over the required 83.8 needed for the month, to achieve the 1000 for the year

Next on the block.. Sticks actually... Are 14 ECW Cuirrassier, 4 elephants for Simon and 20 more draught horses for RR, then onto 90 Nap British and 40 middle guard for RR... No rush as I've had them a year and they keep gettng bumped

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