Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 - PLEDGE time

ok, last years went well so i will do it again.

1. paint 1000 28mm figures

is that enough?? maybe a commitment to the blog?? ok, well lets try a

2. post a couple of messages per week

3. post a picture of most of the figures i paint.

As i usually paint in Units, altho of late all the ACW is unbased, and these are usually then for sale, it could generate some sale away from the bring and buy!!! ya never know

well thats should be enough, and i might even have gotten rid of enough figures that i could total what i have left, hmmm, probably not.....

500 Seven Years war (10% painted)
1000 Franco Prussian (25% painted)
350 AWI (30%)
300 EWC (10%)
400 Romans (70%)
400 Naps, EIR and Greeks to paint to sell (24figure units)
lots of GW 40K and Fantasy figures - Marines/Imperial Guards and Elves
plus mebbe a push to finish my DISC Game... fantasy thing, a few armies (20 to 40 figures each) left to paint.

then there are the 10mm
Warmaster Fantasy Armies
Ancients - Greek, MAcedonian and Persian
WW2 - British, German and US - '44 Europe

theres probably more.... dont want to look anymore

Happy New Year

Cheers OX

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abdul666 said...

"500 Seven Years war (10% painted)":
100% 'historicals'?
Nothing planned or the armies of Skavenburg and Saxe-Nweilintz?

Too bad...

Best wishes,