Thursday, 17 January 2008

Project 2 – a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step

Well the first batch of re-basing, repainting and repairs has started for the Roman forces.

24 figure Cohort in Red tunics with red shields
24 figure Cohort in Red tunics with red shields
24 figure Cohort in Red tunics with red shields
12 figure Auxilia Archers
12 figure Auxilia Archers
12 figure Auxilia Spear – need to add shields
12 figure Auxilia Spear – need to add shields
12 figure Auxilia Spear – need to add shields
10 Scorpio bolt throwers – with 2 crew each – need to repaint 6 of the crew tunics
16 figure skirmish unit of slings
24 figure Cohort in Blue tunics with blue shields (repainted from red tunics)

The scorpio’s are based weapons and crew on a 50mm x 50mm stand.
The close order troops are based 3 per stand, 50mm frontage and 25mm deep.
The Skirmishers are based 2 per stand, 50mm frontage and 25mm deep.

Having sorted through my unpainted figures I find that I am short on Auxilia Archers, with only 24 but am up on Auxilia spear, with 36 painted and a further 72 in the box.

This evening should see the repainting and rebasing of the Easter Cohort in unbleached Linen tunics with a yellow shields, have test painted one shield (over the current red one) and it looks okay, the yellow transfer showing through.

I should also get the 3 cohorts rebased for the green army, although I doubt I will get them repainted, will also try to rebase the old cavalry and start to base up the unpainted sculpts onto their new stands.

So having looked at the box of figures I have a little shopping list for extra’s.

3 Elephants, with howdah and crew
36 figure warband for the Skavenii
36 figure warband for the Lintzii
12 figure Eastern Auxilia Archers
16 figure Eastern Auxilia skirmisher (javelins I think)
12 figure Eastern Auxilia Cavalry (numidians??)

Hopefully all Foundry to match, good job I am going to Hammerhead in Newark on the 10th February, I can sell some stuff on the bring and buy, might see the guys at Newline if they attend as I don’t know if Dave Thomas will be attending the show, failing that I can try gripping Beast or at Old Glory. All pretty much Army compatible, but not in the same units thought.

This should give me 3 Armies, if pointed out with the normal upgrades in Warhammer Ancient battles, of around 3000pts each, or with all the spare bits thrown in and more officers… a single 10,000pt Army. Not bad for what is gonna be probably 3 weeks work, spread over the next 3 months, using figures I haven’t gamed with for in excess of 2 years. Shame I don’t play WAB anymore!!!!!!

So as this is digging into my yearly total of Painting points I feel I should be getting at least something for the repaints/rebasing effort…. The unpainted figures will count themselves in, so no worries there.

Rebase a unit of 4 (12figure) = 2pts
Rebase a unit of 3 stands (6mounted figures) = 2pts
Rebase a unit of 8 stand (24figures) = 4pts
Repaint and Rebase a unit of 8 stands (24figures) = 8pts

Giving the Rebase/repaint side of the project a respectable = 100pts
With 200 odd points to follow from the newly painted units to complete the Project.

Blimey a 300 point Project…. That’s some peoples yearly painting programme. I will post pictures on Sunday evening of the armies as they appear then, based or not, painted or not…. JP I am sure you can wait til then, and before you ask this will not effect my Seven years war painting, but I can see it effecting the ad-hoc painting for the ‘bring n buy’ sales tho, my main 3 collectors are keeping me ticking over nicely for orders coming in so far this year, so not too worried about my own lead mountain just yet.



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