Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Hi all,

Well probably only 3 people that read this… but hello anyway.

Last night saw the completion of the first 76 ACW figures for Pat, and thus the opening 76 points for this years target, picture to follow, as I am at work and not at home. 76 Union figures from Dixon, no 2 figures the same… hard work, just 12 Berdans left and 36 Rebels to paint, and that’s Pat surrent batch done, then its on to some Redoubt ACW for Mike, (actually his 9 year old son, Zac) nice firing line figures and some (12) rebels for Mikes side. ACW seems to be taking off again last year, even more so with this years expected Perry release of Plastics.

Reading Undead Johns blog (where do my friends get their nicknames from) he talks of finishing projects as part of this years ‘to do ‘list. So I thought of all my unfinished projects.

1. American War of Independence (3rd time around) This period always draws me back, I paint lots of units then sell them…… then collect them again, currently I am swinging towards finishing them and selling them on, again.

2. English Civil War (1st time around in 28mm) This was inspired by WECW release, I thought I would get 2000pts of Parliament from Old Glory and then someone from the club would join in…. well they didn’t and I never did get further than basing and undercoating, did ponder if I could wedge them into the Seven years war project, but I think it just a little too far out, guess I will finish then and sell by the unit too.

3. Franco-Prussian war (1st historical figure owned) Well when I was 20 I was made redundant form work, so I treated myself to a several bring and buy finds, and then a massive Foundry order followed, I think I have around 2000 figures all in (infantry cavalry and artillery) I even painted lots of figures for each side, back in the late 90’s but then nothing, probably 20% painted in total, lent them to ‘Wargames Journal’ for a photo shoot, so rebased them…. Really don’t want to sell them, not sure if there is a market even? Will keep and paint up for Retirement as they were my first ‘Historical Armies’.

4. Romans (1st Ancient figures owned) I got these for a set of rules that required all 10 cohorts at 24 figures on the table…. Then came Warhammer Ancient Battles and I discovered I had a 10,000pt Army, who knew? Still have Cavalry and Pretorians to paint, did paint all 10 scorpio tho, very scary looking when lined up next to each other. Will finish them some time and Keep, not sure if I could do a Germanic tribes army big enough to match them, at 4 pts a figure I need 2,500 half naked barbarians…. Hmm, mebbe one day, in plastic from the Perrys (WISHLIST stuff) oh yeah arnt Wargames Factory bringing some out in Plastic 15£ for 48 figures… so that only a 750£ bill for the infantry, hope they are one piece castings!!!

5. Seven years War (Mythical Duchies) This only started last year and have painted the first unit only, still not sure what I am doing here to be honest, really liked the idea of Fantasy Musketeers and all that, but it has been increasingly soured by various Forum threads and bit n bobs, will carry on for a year, do the UK Big Battalions Bash in Grimsby and then see what I want to do, carry on or sell it on. To Be Decided.

I suppose these are the main projects still outstanding (20 years in one case) then there are the other figures I got…..

6. 10mm Gaming., Ancients, SYW, Napoleonics and WW2 and Fantasy. Well I got losts of stuff here as it is dirt cheap but little of it is painted (except all the SYW stuff which is completed) I got Romans again, Macedonians, Persian and Greeks, War of the Roses (both side) I got Chaos and High elves…. Really don’t know what do with it all, Keep and Paint I recon.

7. 15mm Gaming. Ancients mainly. Waiting to see what Ospreys ‘Field of Glory’ is like, will prolly paint and sell, but their aint any money in 15m painted figures, mebbe just bring n buy the lead and stick to 10mm stuff. Dunno. To Be Decided.

8. 15mm ECW, Peter pretty figure for ‘Regiment of Foote’, still bagged. Oh dear!!

9. 15mm Victorian Sci Fi, Peter pig German, British and French from Lancashire games, fond memories of my 28mm Redcoats n Zulus (long since sold) and a chance seeing of a game at Salute many years ago. Bad choice to start this. sell or finish n keep, To Be Decided.

10. 20mm Sci fi, all painted, never use it…. Would sell it if there was a market.

11. 20mm Plastic Ancients, none painted, never use it….. cant paint it (too bendy) and only own half of it…. Just taking up space now actually. No resale value.

12. 20mm WW2, the funky new hard plastics from … someone….. not sure why this happened, I blame Rich. Still boxed.

13. Warhammer Fantasy, lots n lots….. paint and keep, mebbe fight the Romans with it?? No resale value in it.

14. 40K. Marines and Imperial Guard, lots n lots…. Paint it and keep for when Craig (son,9) wants to try it all out I suppose, again no resale value.

15. 40mm Lord of the Rings prepainted figures, 1200 odd figure bought in bulk when they ended the manufacture, softish plastic, had grand visions for this stuff, have done nothing with it since I opened the blister, no resale value.

16. Heroscape, bought 9 basic sets for the terrain, got lots of spare duplicate figures to do summit with, no resale value.

17. Mechwarrior, clicky bases from Wizkids, got a box of stuff I don’t play with anymore, no resale value.

18. Warmachine, Khador and Skorne, one fully painted by John, the other in its box, really nice figures, couldn’t get into the rules tho nice but not for me, don’t want to sell but can see it happening soon. (lucky john gets half the profits if I do sell them!!)

19. Various bits of Napoleonics, ACW and Ancients 28mm and some in 40mm to paint for the bring and buy sales.

I do hope I haven’t forgotten anything as this seems to be an awful lot, please bear in mind this is after 3 years of rationalising and downsizing, I have left around 40 box files of stuff in various states of finished and bare lead (probably is lead too!!) from a starting point of 120 box files plus various over full carry cases.

So all you guys that thought you had a problem, it isn’t really that bad after all.

Cheers Ox


Bluebear Jeff said...

What "Forum threads" are souring you on SYW Imagi-Nations? I'm still having a lot of fun with it . . . and expect to continue do do so for years to come.

I'm not so sure that a lot of what you say has "no resale value" is so. I suspect that you might be able to get something on eBay for them . . . the trick is to figure out the proper size lots.

Another thing to do with some of your "odd lots" is to gift them to some youngsters . . . or offer them as prizes for local games/tourneys, etc.

And there are always the "flea markets" or "bring and buys" at conventions.

Anyway, here's at least one of your "three people" . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Person 2 here :-)
I'm with Jeff, wondering what has caused the "souring"? Sorry to hear it. It (or any hobby) should be fun. I know I'm having fun with my ImagiNations, reading the other blogs, painting minis, etc. In fact, I haven't had as much fun with the miniatures hobby in a while, and even hope to get around to actually playing some battles this year.
Wow, 120 boxes!
Wherever the hobby takes you have fun! :-)

abdul666 said...

What "Forum threads" are souring you on SYW Imagi-Nations, indeed?

The main obstacle to the current development of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations (flourishing on the web, nevertheless: 52 links on the Monte-Cristan blog, 40 contributors to the 'Emperor vs Elector' web campaign!) is the wargamers tendency to disperse their efforts (well, look at your own blog...). Thus an AncMed 'Hyboria' web campaign is presently competing with the Lace Wars for the attention of players, but this campaign also involves Imagi-Nations.

I guess the recent reprinting of 'The Wargame', and the promised 'The Wargame Companion' by C.S. Grant, will booster the involvement of the wargaming community in Lace Wars fictitious wargaming.

Don't trash the 'tricorns' - and, I repeat, among the 6+ billions people on Earth, only *you* can design & paint the armies of kavenberg and Saxe-Nweilintz!

Best regards,

Snickering Corpses said...

I'll agree with Jeff on a couple of different things. I'd wonder what forum threads are causing your discouragment. Maybe your ImagiNation plan isn't wrong and you're in the wrong forums ;)

And I'm wondering what "no resale value" means. Besides Ebay, there's also several other venues out there for both sales and swaps: has its Marketplace and Exchange.

There's the SurplusWargaming Yahoo group at

There's BarterTown at

There's Ebay of course

And there's the new wargaming-specific competitor to Ebay, Wargamer's Market -

Shaun McTague said...

Cheers guys

By value i should really mean profit, i can sell/gift it at al oss all day long, when space gets that bad i will!!! still i recon the son will want to at least play with then once.... then i will get to keep them for him!!!

the souring is only slight and the Mythstory project continues, its the General lack of keeping everything upto date from people, it makes you think your the only one, mebbe i am looking in the wrong forums, some just go in fits n starts, while others just seem to be petty bickery, with post, repl and the apology... followed by silence, also a faile dattempt an contacting my most local gamer failing.... still i'll keep me chin up

cheers ox

abdul666 said...

Do you know the Old_school_Wargaming and SOCDAISY Yahoo groups? Imagi-Nations are quite welcome here, the initial membership of both being impregnated with the seminal P. Young's 'Charge!' and C. Grant's 'The Wargame', both using fictitious Lace Wars countries for their campaigns.

Neither is the subject ignored, or despised, on the TMP 18thC discussion board. Even 'wilder' ideas of what I call the 'Lacepunk' genre (balloons and steamtanks in Lace Wars games) are discussed without negative feedback.

And of course, as a contributor, you know well the 'Emperor vs Elector' collective blog.


Stuuh said...


sorry for the necro-post, but this caught my eye:

"10. 20mm Sci fi, all painted, never use it…. Would sell it if there was a market."

I may be interested, could you let me know more about the set?