Thursday, 10 January 2008

Uk Big Battalions Game - and a Project

Projects seem to be the order of the blog these days, I trawl around a few blogspot sites and the main theme seems to be people setting up their up coming years project.

As you see from the previous post I have a few Projects on the go, from these I cant seem to choose which one to concentrate on for the year. Seven years war should be my main push, but to be honest I have become disillusioned with the whole idea!! Nothing major has completely put me off, but lots of little niggles which just tend to leave a sour taste for the forth coming big battalion battle in Grimsby on the weekend of the 11th/12th October.

Project 1. Skavenberg and Saxe-Nweilintze

These 2 mythical countries are my setting for battling the Tricorn era, I have both Armies in 10mm fully painted except for maybe a few more Cavalry units, although I might just move a Cuirassier from one side to the other and be done with it!!
The plan is to build these Armies in 28mm figures, using RSM95 figures from DPC in the USA, each Infantry Battalion/Regiment being a unit of 48 Ranks and a 6 figure command stand, each Cavalry Regiment being 2 Squadrons of 12 Figures and a command of 2 figures, then Artillery will be by the Gun.

A modest push to get units finished will be my main Project for the next 9 months should give me some finished figures to take along, especially as I made a minimum commitment ot the game.

1st Btln 1st Regt – von Krump (white jackets, red facings, white lace) completed
1st Regiment ‘Fire Brigade’ – von ???? (blue jackets, red facings, white lace) January
2nd Btln 1st Regt – von ????? (white jackets, red facings, yellow lace) February
2nd Regiment ‘Del Montes’ own’ – (Blue jacket, Orange facings, white lace) March
Skavenberg Dragoon Squadron – (green jacket, red facing) April
Saxe-Nweilintze Hussars Squadron – (Black jackets, white facings) April
Saxe-Nweilintze Cuirassier Squadron – (white jackets, red facing) May
Saxe- Nweilintze Dragoon Squadron – (light blue jackets, yellow facings) May
4 Artillery – (1/2 black jacket, red facing) (1/2 brown jacket, red facing) June
Gren Btln 1st Regt – von ???? (white jackets, red facing, bearskins) July(extra)
3rd Regiment ‘the wannabee’s’ – (blue jackets, yellow facings, white lace) August (extra)
Guards Regiment ‘die hards’ – (black jackets, yellow facing) September (extra)
Staff officers – October

A Battalion a month seems ok, with the 3rd Regt, the Grenadiers and Guards units falling off the list if I am struggling and expanding the Cavalry Squadrons to Regiments if I get the figures for myself for Easter.

There that’s a project 1…… so Project 2?? Hmmm let me think




Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, Project 1 seems substantial enough to not need a second project . . . but then perhaps you paint more figures than I do.


-- Jeff

Ed Youngstrom said...


Your figures look quite good! Thanks for sharing.

Pity about whatever "soured" you on SYW and ImagiNations. Hopefully it wasn't anything personal. Still, this is a wide-ranging hobby, so there are plenty of other lead and plastic delights.


Fitz-Badger said...

For the "fire brigade" how about von Feuerstein? (first name Harvey?)

The main thing is to have fun, so if you're feeling a bit soured it might do good to find something to recharge your interest or maybe take a bit of a break and work on something else of interest?

In any case you have support here. You are not alone and if some blogs don't seem to get updated often or regularly it's often due to "real life" (illness, work, etc.) geting in the way.

One thing I do is use Google Reader and am subscribed to quite a few of the 18th ImagiNation blogs (along with a few other blogs of interest). That way you see which blogs have been updated since your last visit. Hardly a day goes by that there aren't several with updates.

Hope that helps.

abdul666 said...


your Project 1 sounds *great*! Glad to see you're still 'tricorn-inclined'.

The recent reprinting of 'The Wargame' and its forthcoming 'Companion' will booster the interest to Lace Wars Imagi-Nations in the wargaming community.


abdul666 said...

That's a *lot* of sustained painting... A hobby has to be kept enjoyable, so you need periodical interruptions / respite -otherwise to paint your SYW armies could turn into a 'work / heavy duty'.
This may justify a 'Project 2', but if it is again painting minis...

Then, what about, if and when seized by the painter's cramp, developping Skavenberg and Saxe-Nweilintze, their history, geography, economy, political situation (and plots?), the personality profile of major characters...? (Or, if you already built this 'background', sharing with us on your blog?)

Or else / and posting colored drawings of the uniforms you created?

Thanks for sharing your 'uniformologist' information. Since both your armies are already painted in 10mm, what about posting pics of them?