Monday, 14 January 2008

77-132 painting points

These are the last of the Order for Pat, 12 Berdans and 36 Rebels plus 4 mounted officers.

I beleive they are being based singularly, so to leave a distinction between the 24 figure Rebel unit and the 12 Rebel skimishers, i have painted the unit with white bread bags and the skirmishers with Black.

next 42 points should be here for the weekend as i have 3 painting nights this week curtesy of the GirlFriend (F) being at her evening classes full time this week, plus tomorrow is PEWC club night so will get a game there.

Have been trying to get them to do a WAB/Fantasy big battle day one big table, 8' by 24' with a battle and a siege on it, but as usual the naysayers are booing the idea..... oh well, never mind then.

Cheers Shaun