Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Skavenbergers, march on!!!

The troops are the first RSM95s i have painted, they are Austrianesque, but not historically accurate, so count as my first unit, 4 companys of 12 figures, witha command stand... the dark brown square is amounted Colonel, who is currently in the post from the USA.
The dog is out of scale, his name is Leo.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Your unit looks splendid . . . but I hope that they're aware of the adage having to do with "sleeping dogs".

This is an excellent start. I'm impressed. How did you like painting the RSMs?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good!
Between these and the ACW guys you've painted up quite a few minis recently.

Shaun McTague said...

the Rsms were nice, not my usual figure, but my style works on the well enough.

Painting figures, well lots of figures relaxes me, also that pesky pledge thing i did last year and this. Shame most of them are for other people, when i am rich n famous i will keep them all.... oh well mebbe not just yet

cheers ox

abdul666 said...

Wow! A really good-looking unit!
Fills me with nostalgia - reminds me of fictitious 'tricorn' regiments in that book which 'hooked' me to battlegaming: C. Grant's 'The Wargame'.

We were looking forward to discover 'in their flesh' your "white" and "blue" Lace Wars armies since you first alluded to them, last june: man, it was well worth the waiting!

I confess that in the interval, us 'tricorn' aficionados were somehow worried: so much painting, but no SYW minis mentioned... Relief, you were as busy / hard working as a whole anthill / beehive!

I know you wrote that your 10mm armies would be 'quick painted / '*not* up your your usual standard' but don't be shy (and we are not potential customers): please post photos of your 2 10mm armies!
We are eager to discover all your regiments and their uniforms- so that's that to keep us patient while you are painting the 28mm, or to have recourse to David's SYW templates... Well, you could do both, actually {grin}?

"We", btw, are certainly dozens times more than the "probably only 3 people that read this" you mentioned recently: most visitors don't mark their passage by a comment.

Compliments and best wishes,