Friday, 14 September 2007

CALvaree get a lick

Well, i have just had a half day off to dog-sit...... indeed

on the up side i have painted the following units of Cavalry.

Bosniak Lancers unit
DeathsHead Hussars unit
3 units of Light Blue Dragoon
3 units of White Cuirrasier

3 units of Green Dragoon
Bearskin Mtd Grenadiers unit
2 units of Flashy Hussars

all 10mm figures, 12 figures units - or 168 cavalry, 336 figures.... or 84 points towards the Pledge

just the Pandours, Jagers and Milita to go then.... plus this weekends shopping...

dont tell Graham.... must paint some Naps next

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Bluebear Jeff said...

How about some pictures?

-- Jeff