Saturday, 22 September 2007

Pledge points

well, just realised withthe finishing of the 7yw armies i am just shy of the 1000 figure mark

650 28mm figures

325 bases of 10mm (approx 5 figures per Base)

975 Pledge points Year to Date

ACW is now base and undercoated Black

hmmm, need a catchy sign off for these blogs i suppose... will try a few out

Thats all folks... hmm NO

Bringin Paint to a figure near you.... hmm NO

Keep the pointy brushes.... hmm NO

When will it end?? hmm NO

cheers OX


Bluebear Jeff said...

Pictures, please. Surely with this many figures painted, you can share some photos with us . . . pretty please (with a tricorn on it).

-- Jeff

El Grego said...

A pic would be an excellent way to sign off! And thanks for linking to my blog.