Friday, 28 September 2007

older and wiser?

well 38 now.... wrote one word in my diary for today, simply put 'bugger'

painting ACW cavalry now, 28mm order for Pat in Lincoln, ex North London wargames group, nice guy.

Reading, latest Battlegames, GW article so far, used to work for them in a store, nuff said.

PEWC and the latest 7yw playtest went well, had much MUCH more fun witht he Heroscape rules, still bigger battles than i wanted for the campaign, but was good fun. The cavalry aint as hard, stuff tends to break and disappear quickly, basically its bucket'o'dice rules, 50/50 to hit and 66/33 to save, introduced some special bits for abilties, but it was good.

Prepped the Naps for painting, and am working on the OOBs for 1815 campaign, its gone the way of WW2 for us again, early war.... that would be April 44?? start at the end and dont worry about the begginging....

so i think this is the 12th post for september, which means i have hit the Pledge .... same again next month..... hmmm a picture, bugger

keeping it real..... hmm, NO

cheers ox


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm devastated . . . no picture of the SYW Heroscape game . . . *sigh* . . . devastated, I say.

-- Jeff

Rich said...

The game works well ... real good fun to play!

abdul666 said...

I concur with Jeff!
And what about pics of your 'Blue' and 'White' Lace Wars armies - or uniform drawings, as apperizers, while the paint dries?