Wednesday, 12 September 2007

PEWC and a Game of 7YW

Well Tuesday came and so did the club meet, 7 oclock armed with the 2 armies and the new HExonII terrain, rich and I set off for a battle.

Rich has played most periods but looked at the funny Napoleonics figures and decided to just charge with his Cuirrasiers and Dragoons.... we adjusted the musket fire to a better in game range and feel, The charges came in and did some damage, then got shot off.... then my white army infantry advanced, with my cavalry into the Garde Korps of the blue army and fell apart, final score was 10 points to the blues and 7 to the whites, the game had 10 infantry, 3 skirmisher and 3 artillery per side, and 8 cavalry per side, took around 2 hours to fight and felt good, whether it was historical i dont know..... Rich now wants to buy some Scots Greys and Imperial Guard to start building up a waterloo game in 10mm....

MUST look up how battle actually evolved and if this could fit into the mould.

Painting the 10mm White and BLue army cavalry

ignoring the 28mm painting orders

going to Colours at Newbury Saturday...... Old Glory will be there as well as Pendraken, bugger

Blue army should be called Saxe-Nweilints or Lintzers
White army should be called Skavenberg or Burgers

pictures i know, but that is cos i a lame and th GF is at college this week...... always excuses, did i mention i work 9 til 5..... i know its another excuse.... new laptop.... erm, cant find camera.....

cheers OX


Bluebear Jeff said...

How did you know that we want pictures?

What rules are you using?

-- Jeff

Shaun McTague said...

the rules are basically the latest version of MEmoirs $$, which is the Fantasy/Medieval set known as 'BattleLOre', they have basic move n shoot n melle stats, card driven activation and rather funky dice for removing stands of figures, quick play, and FUN