Friday, 21 September 2007

ends and beginnings

well for Tuesday club night i finished and based the 7yw, we played 2 more test games, then i realised i had overloaded the bonus' for cavalry..... quick rejig i think, but all is good

and the last bits arrived from old glory for the napoleonics.... 1815 british, with a polish artillery crew, methinks they sent a 607 instead 0f a 507, d'oh

have also got the waterloo oob from wikipedia, will play it as one base per battalion, so each hex is a brigade.... even then it is gonna be a big table and lots more figures, might just play stylised version of it with what we got, plus some dutch belgians and prussians, and double the french... hmm paint this lot first tho

back onto painting orders now too.... 28mm Dixon ACW cavalry have just snuck for quick turnaround for Rivermead in November, or mebbe SELWG.

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