Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Newark and PEWC

Well, Sunday we (me n Rich) went to Newark for Partizan II, a nice show we tend to try and travel to at least once year, i had been avoiding Kallistra all year but to no avail, i fell of the 'no spending wagon' in a big way..... and now i own a 6'x4' table of HexonII terrain, with the new slopes, a hill pack and some very new 'sea' tiles.... and some bases for the last of the 10mm 7YW to completed the sticking together of the last units of OLD GLORY Austrian Hussar.

Painting up the cannons for the 12 artillery bases and finishing the last few colours of the Austrian Infantry.

PReparing the Cavalry and Light Infantry for painting this week

Ignoring the 28mm NApoleonics i should be painting (sorry Graham)

Tuesday night, is games night ( ) played two massive games of Battlelore using the warmaster figures, much fun and enjoyment, won one and lost one... lost is an understatement, it was a massacre, still i did send a boy to do a mans job, says I 'charge the cavalry on that flank....' meaning all the cavalry into as many units as possible, smashing up formations and causing mayhem.... so he sends off one unit of weak cavalry (not the heavy Knights) to attack the enemies hardest unit, when he bounces he then refuses to attack anymore... two moves later when he is smeared across the battlefield he turns and says to me ' I wish i had attacked earlier... ' who knew..... actually I DID..

Mebbe i should start 2 new blogs for the 7yw stuff....maybe later

cheers ox

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Bluebear Jeff said...

No need to create two new blogs for the SYW stuff . . . just forget about other periods.

(see, wasn't that easy?)

I understand the way money flows out of the wallet at shows . . . I've been there . . . often.

-- Jeff