Sunday, 16 September 2007

COlours..... ouch

ok, dont tell the bank manager

went to colours, picked up some more ridge bits for the HEXON11 terrain and some trees and some lay on roads.....

then picked up the 3 units of Hussars from Pendraken.... wish i had ordered the Cuirrasiers too

Then it all went wrong.... looking at the 10mm Napoleonics at Old Glory, tried to make a call to make sure i DIDNT NEED them.... call failed to connect... walked away... walked back.... walked away, called again.... no answer.... walked back.... oh bugger..... 1815 Napoleonics, Infantry, aRtillery and Cavalry.... put it on the plastic, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me

then i left the show, so now i play Napoleonics again i guess, still at least this time i got a painting buddy for this project

nearly finished the 7yw Light infantyr now.... dismounted dragoons to go, plus the new hussars and a couple of more cuirrasier for the White army - Skavenbergers (Austrians)

MUST paint some 28mm Naps for the Bring N Buy at Warfare in NOvember, and then do the PAinting Orders

cheers OX


abdul666 said...

"Skavenbergers (Austrians)"
Strictly historical Austrians? Are you not tempted by a little 'personalization' of your troops?
With a name like Skavenberg for the country...


Bluebear Jeff said...

How can you look at yourself in the mirror? Napoleonics? For shame!

Paint them and sell them quickly before you get sucked into that "black hole".

You will have much more fun with guys wearing tricornes . . . stick with the SYW.

-- Jeff