Saturday, 11 August 2007

Football Season Starts

Yeah i know its called soccer.... but i dont mean the Premiership

We were sent a copy of THW (Two Hour Wargames) GridIron rules, its unpublished and will probably stay so, but it is what the guys wrote first of all and then developed all the rest from (5150, ect) . So we obviously combined it with all the lovely new hex terrain from the HeroScape boxes that keep appearing in the boot of my car... WOW we gamed for 10 hours on Thursday, came up with a Campaign system which basically breaks the game down into 3 hour sessions, with 4 sessions to a complete game.... 2 games to the Season... so it would appear we know have a Thursday night Football session planned for a couple of months, first tho we have to draft our teams from the pool of players generated. Much fun is being had here so far, a real 'Old School' feel of fun, players already have nicknames, stolen from history 'the fridge' 'jellyfish'.

On the painting table are the 10mm Austrians still, less than 200 to finish now, the Pendraken stuff arrived and is mostly based for painting, lots of Pandours, Jagers, Cavalry and unit of Jacobite Highlanders, along with some militia unit from the packets of trrops i accidentally ordered instead of Hussars, D'oh... still need to buy 3 packets of Pendraken Hussar and the commands for the Old GLory Cavalry...

Graham collected the latest batch of 28mm Napoleonics i have painted for him, just anoth 350 to go by Christmas then he will drop off some more.... all praise the Pledge.

The Pledge is going well... end of month7 and 750 28mm figures (or equivalents) are painted and finished, 5 months to go.... 1000 is almost certain to be reach by the end of September at this rate... could i really make 1500 for end of the year.... the bank manager would be pleased if i did.

oh, pictures.... well we had a to buy a new laptop (screen failed on the old one.... so throw it away as a new one is cheaper to buy than the old one is to repair, go figure) and all the pictures are on the old one.... so the pictures will come along soon.

cheers Shaun