Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bodget and scarper

This month is mixed bag of painting

100 points of Napoleonic bits n pieces to be made into diaramas

And then a project starter for an old customer

Back to tricorns !!!
 30 figure units using RSM95s

Rebase  2 painted units - 20 points
Rebase and partial paint to match 2 units - 30 points
Rebase and paint to match 2 units - 45 points

6 units down, 2 to go on part 1,  16 odd units to go by the end of the year, including cavalry and artillery, plus some commanders.

The month started with an Austrian Artillery park ... 40 points.

Next month, more tricorns and a forest full of celts...

Friday, 13 June 2014

Whats been going on...

Work paint sleep repeat

The Austrian Artillery park is done.... 100 Paint Points

NExt up are some vignette pieces, mostly French Napoleonic... Anther 100 pieces, half done

10mm Newline Design Ancient units x4 for the display stand

Nearly half way Through the year and nearly 700 finished paint points... So on target for the pledge :)

Kee eep paintin