Wednesday, 17 November 2010

44 down, 260 odd to go

Two posts in a month, wondes will never cease :)

Well i managed to finish some 15mm SCiFI figures from GZG, some sort of yanks in space types. Black Flak jackets, grey jumpsuits and white helmets, yes its the rebel alliance :) as suggested by my 11 year old son Craig. GZG Alien Mercs to follow and PEndraken 10mm Aliens all based for skirmish using the yahoo group 'gears of war' ruleset FUBAR, easy enough set with some nice ideas that lend themselves to house rules, and they are FREE :)

off to Warfare at Reading Saturday... Inspiration needed still... need to get to 1000 PPs by January 1st


Monday, 1 November 2010

two months to go..... oops

Well after two weeks of training I finally start at my store tomorrow. No more 2 hour drive home thru London traffic.... 12 mph is not what my car is built for, hopefully tomrrows journey will take closer to 12 minutes as its only a couple of miles :)

Still havent found my painting keen tho...

Projects i should be painting are :

10mm American civil war
15mm Sci Fi
28mm Ancients - Dark Ages
28mm Fantasy armies

Stuff i have brought recently include...

28mm Conquest Normans Plastic :)
28mm Plastic WSS Infantry from WargamesFactory
Lots n Lots of multi slot bases (plinths as my mate Bob calls them) from

I really cant seem to shift this painting block tho......

I recently dropped off some painted AWI figures to an old friend Ron Ringrose, he usually rebases them to fit in with his main armies, when we realised that this is the third time he has bought my AWI collection, as we looked over his various collections I could pick out figures I have painted over the last 20 odd years.... one day I will keep some for me.... maybe. The figures were mid battle on his impressive battlefield in the 'garden shed' wargames room, photos will apparently be online curtesy of Joe Dever at some point, Inspiration and Desperation in equal measures tho.

Cheers Shaun