Sunday, 29 January 2017

Awkward 4th post

Hobby ... No games, no DnD, no purchases, no sales.

C-Painting .. Nothing competed, 14 ECW Currassier base painted, 20 draught horses base painted, 3 Indian elephants under coated.

P-Painting.. 24 gladiators prepared, 36 perry plastic Sudan British under coated.

Have managed to tidy and sort out my gaming storage area, this has highlighted that I could probably sell most of it and not miss it ... A history of abandoned projects, remnants of periods long since painted and sold, multiple scales for the same armies..

2017 may be the year I rationalise and actually recycle the lead pile... Altho it pains me to actually give up on things that I once had such a passion for as to buy the figures, but then give up on it.

Things I'll not give up on -
10mm ancients and warmaster fantasy armies - TtS bases, usable for Hail Ceasar and Basic Impetus
28mm VBCWgW - very British Civil War goes Weird ... Probably using Fyng Lead or Bolt action
28mm Sudan - TMWWBK - new project old figures
28mm Dragon Rampant - new project old GW figures
28mm Imagi-nations - old project new figures - perry plastic AWI and Naps - repurposed from abandoned old projects

Leaves a lot of 28mm metal n plastic ancients, ACW and war of Roses I could paint to sell or create other projects from. 10mm ww1/2 stuff and even some 15mm celts / Medievals to find a home for.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Blog the 3rd

Hobby... Still not played a game, just found my jugula rule book tho !!! Whoop whoop now to paint those 16 odd gladiators for me to actually play a game with :) as per usual I'm think how to expand the game options having watched Gladiator with Russ Crowe in it... Cavalry and chariots... Tigers... Hmm, why was it never built on as a game? With so many options.. Before I even get on to mythical options lol.. Minotuars anyone?

Painting.. Finished 20 draught horses and a few drovers for RR, sent them off... Then finished the cavalry masses and some Persian archers for Simon, that's about 4 units worth for his To The Strongest games at Wargames Holiday Centre in March...

Bringing my points up to over the required 83.8 needed for the month, to achieve the 1000 for the year

Next on the block.. Sticks actually... Are 14 ECW Cuirrassier, 4 elephants for Simon and 20 more draught horses for RR, then onto 90 Nap British and 40 middle guard for RR... No rush as I've had them a year and they keep gettng bumped

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Post 2

Hobby news - DnD cancelled this week.. Zero games played... Painting has occurred .. A successful trip to Poundland netted 19 cans of matt blak car spray!!

commission work - 37 cavalry so very nearly finished .. (74pts) and emergency 20 draught horses started for RR, also so very nearly finished lol it's gonna be one of those months that comes together in the last week

Personal work -none, but did look at the rule book TMWWBK again for inspiration

This week has been a blur of work and illness, mostly battling gout and lurgy.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

18 months later...

Well. I'm back ish

Gonna try for a weekly blog

Painting - 28mm Persian, Greek and Scythian cavalry for Simon (74pts)

Gaming - DnD bi weekly campaign

Buying - not a lot, kickstarters last year featured heavily, but I still haven't played any of them! Onus, black plague and TWD all out war 

2016 - all commission work for Simon (To The Strongest) Trevor Halsal (Socety of Anciets ) Ron Ringrose (Essex MegaGamer) 

2017 - paint something for me !! Probably the 28mm Gladiators for plaing Jugula with an play Jugula again :) and maybe a second larger project based on The Men Who Would Be Kings TMWWBK 

And obviously go for the 1000 28mm figure target again