Monday, 17 October 2011

Plastic fantastic -history schmistry

Hi all,

Well didn't go to SELWG, petrol vrs no spending money would of meant a poor return for my hard earned pennies.... So went to see "Real Steel" or rocky the robot And " three musketeers" which was much fun, good to Titus Pullo again.

So i have over the years acquired a few boxes of plastic figures, never full priced and usually impulse bought. So what to do with an eclectic mix of bits n bobs...

1box of French napoleonic hussars
2 boxes of French napoleonic heavy cavalry
1/2 box of French napoleonic dragoons
3 boxes of perry napoleonic French infantry
1 box of perry British napoleonic infantry

2boxes of perry ACW cavalry
8 boxes of perry ACW infantry

on top of this I really want to get some of the Ansar tribesmen and zouaves.....

Then i got to thinking..... Didn't the Indian army of 1840s dress in napoleonic uniforms? Wasn't that only 20 years before the ACŴ ... Whose uniforms were bought from european warehouse sales.... So could there be a little bit of mythstory here.

Rules will be black powder, so units of 18 foot regulars, 6 cavalry and 24 irregulars, single guns n crews.

So maybe Sittingbad wasn't the last napoleonic battle fought after all and if it's a fantasy European force the colours can be .... More erm, colourful and the poor invaded far eastern country can be a mix of regular and tribesmen.... Very nappy meets colonial and i don't need to get more figures other than the Ansar and zouaves, which i will only end up buying anyway.... Weak willed hobbyist.

Anyway back to painting warmaster orcs and goblins for impetus bases to fight my Pendraken Romans ... Just making do with the figures available again