Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hobby News ... Settlers of Catan, BNIB £3.99 at a charity shop, donated some money too

Commision Painting... prepared lots for TH 48 Spanish, 32 Goths n 16 Mtd Goths, carried on with RR last few bits, draught Horses, US tank riders, Knights

Own Painting... Still None

6x6 Gaming .. 3/6 GoG, 5/6 Naps CnC

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hobby News ... Played a gam, CnC Naps...

Commission ... 40 Naps, 22 cart drivers finished... 20 draught horses nearly finished, good week.. 8 ECW cavalry next, with 9 elephant crew for SM

Own Painting .. None

6x6 Challenge ... GW GoG 3/6, CnC Naps 5/6

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hobby News.... CnC Ancients can now be added to our play list

Commision Paintng.. 100 Nap Brits Finished, 40 Nap Young Gaurd nearly completed for RR, along with an emergency 9 Cavalry for SM, plenty of figures prepared for this months target

Own Painting ... None

6x6 Challenge .. GoG 3/6 CnC Naps 4/6

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hasty 9th post

Hobby News..  Perrys Travel Battle? Need more info!!!

Comission Painting .. Nearly finished the 100 Nap Brits fo RR... 80 are finished but I'm waiting for the sat 20 before taking the score

Own Painting... nowt yet

6x6 games... GoG 3/6 CnC naps 3/6