Thursday, 4 December 2008

I'm back.....

Well its nearly over i guess.... that was a quick busy year. Full of twists n turns in the real world, suffice to say it was mostly not good for painting lots of figures.

I was also pretty gutted after the Colours show at Newbury to be the victim of having figures stollen and given very short reply from the organisers, so i find myself NOT wanting to paint for bring n buy sales now, my friend Bob will have a stand at Salute so maybe i will paint some up for then.

Still on the painting rack are Romans and Greek ancient figures in handy 24 figure units.
Still on the preperation block are Napoleonic French and Italians troops.

Recent purchases are the new Plastic Napoleonics from Perry and Victrix, hit n miss.
New 20mm ww2 Normandy Germans , yum
and i may have fallen completely off the wagon and bought a load of Westwind Gothic horror pieces, and the entire Pirate range from Black Scorpion. oops