Wednesday, 1 July 2009

EG-TNG (Enfield Gamers - The Next Generation)

Well the swan song evening of pewc saw me playing Rich in NW Europe again... I took the US figures against the might of the Werhmacht, so as to not offend my American fans by loosing i gallantly allowed the figures to double as French..... win win situation i thought, until i won... then hurriedly had to make them Morrocans instead.... pesky dice just wouldnt fail me, Am starting to enjoy 'Force on force' too.

June saw the painting desk return as i mopped up some half painted and pre-prepared AWI figures i have had lurking around for a couple of years, 270 Painting points i am shocked. 24 figure units being churned out every 3 days! 6 figure cavalry unit in an evening? madness

Following TMP figures of the new Victrix Highlanders and Perry Hussars... swoon.. cant wait for these... but Perry Cuirassiers first tho... still not sure what to do with them all tho. So far the Perry British and French are all based on pennies ready for skirmishes with 'Song of Drums and Shakos' but really only keen on the activations bit of the rules, rest is DBMesque... migth need to have a fiddle about.

Also have a lot of Perrys ACW figures, so might do a little imaginations thing with those and the spare heads from the Napoleonics boxes, probably end up looking like Carlist stuff!!

Laters Ox