Thursday, 13 May 2010

blink.... 2 months? really

Well that went quick,

Work is nearly finished, got the redundancy money (pfft... thats what 15 years loyalty is worth?) and am now on temporary weeks work emptying the last stock from the warehouse.

I have also been busy doing commission work and finally finished some ancient units that were for sale at Salute, along with my AWI stuff .. i will get to keep some oneday!! Anyway managed to break evene on the day and stil have some bits left to sell on ebay or at bring n buys at coming up shows.

Also bought some unit bags from Renegade to try and turn over for a small profit.

Gaming has been slack of late, but mostly 'FLying Lead' moderns and VBCW.

and LAPR season started well, cold event, low turnout but did manage to get very, very drunk :)

cheers Shaun