Monday, 18 June 2012

Quailty Street Uniform :)

Chocolate box soldiers.... ?

Painted for commission, GW Mordians, as Spineguard Traitor Guard, also known as Spire Guard apparently.

Cheers Shaun

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

French Indian Units for Mukaets & Tomahawks Rules

Good Injuns?
Bad Injuns?
Its the Green family... from Hertford, England... come on down.....
Its George W and his colonial militia... come to save the day?
Officers, Gentlemen and boys.... and an axeman
Front Rank Present....
Front rank fire... i hope you didnt aim...
Devils in skirts... figures converted fron Foundry ? 1815 Highlanders Frenchies to follow. Rangers and Couries de Bois to be ordered from at the weekend (curtesy of the painting commission). Cheers Shaun

40K IG Painting Commission

Painting commission - 49 figures 40K Imperial Guard Cadians - painted as Spineguard
Re-inforced Command Squad
Squads I II & III
Heavy Weapon Support Squads I II also showing unit designation markings on the base rim cheers Shaun

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Slowly slowly painty figure

Have quietly been pushing pigment for a couple of months now, SAGA Normans for 108pts SAGA Saxons for 20pts FIW brits, colonials and injuns for 71pts And on commission GW Imperial Guard for 10pts Still painting more for the FIW... Gray frenchies and more commission IG Then back to the SAGA stuff... Which is based individually but sabot based for impetus Shaun