Monday, 5 May 2008

Happy Jedi Day - may the forth be with you

Well another rubbich month for painting

only manged to finish 18 Artillery crew for Mike and 39 for Pat... nothing for me again, so 57 in total not bad i guess.

Went to Salute, got some 20mm Valiant GIs, just the one box tho... wish i had gotten more, cant wait for the new Germans.

Also bought some of the new Perry Miniatures ACW.... they are very pretty, the cavalry are just possibly the best i have ever seen, got 8 boxes of infantry and 2 of the cavalry.... I think i will be doing ACW again somehow. Hope there next release is either NApoleonics, in which case i will have to really think hard about the rest of my future hobby or Seven Years War would be good. They are almost certainly gonna be summit blackpowder to go with the new rules comming from warlord games written by the Nottingham wargames Mafia.

My review of 'Beneath the Lily Banners' went up onthe wargames journal site, guess that makes me a published author..... next up will a sort of campaign/hobby/painting article, in the style of the GW foramtted 'Battle of 4 gamers', should be fun.

Hopefully I can finish some of the 170 odd figures that are sooooo nearly finished, switching to Ancients may not been my best idea as abreak from Muskets, live n learn.

Cheers Shaun