Monday, 26 September 2011

Kings of war 2nd edition... An unwarranted attack on the hobby

It's been ages, where have you been? Oh it was me ... Yeah well I'm back now for a bit, well a post maybe..

So i picked up lots of mantic figures ages ago and played the throw .. Er I mean give away rules at the time, didn't liked em, tweaked with the aid of Rich and just sort of ignored them... The figures are lovely tho, dwarves and skellies, what's not to like

Now i have been lulled into buying a 2nd edition set.... Mugged is a word, never mind

Things i like about them..
Units are bought and fight as units, no figure removal
Units look like units... Well maybe not the 5 man line... But the 10 archer and 20 spears do
The stat line is easy to remember and works well
The Igo ugo works ok to a point... See below
..... Done

Things i don't like,
no player interaction.. No armour saves, no morale save... I'm hit, I'm hurt and then I'm told I have routed.... I want my dice rolls back!!!!
Army composition... Geared towards abuse by 'those' kind of players... Legal army of 5 spear units and 5 dragons.... Or vampire cavalry armies dealing death and healing off of the same dice rolls... Broken!!!!!
No army moral leading to benny hill style chase scenes as units attempt to pillage the last victory point from the clutches defeat...

This isn't a review by the way it's just a rant... No point in denying it... And I am sure there will comments of don't play them then :) but well after years of being in a hobby of ever diminishing returns and around a year of painters block .... Combined with a total loss of funds I find myself at an impasse, ironically a chess term not lost on any one that's played KoW using a clock timer....

looking back the melaise set in when i was made redundant, but 15 months later something has to change surely... No I didn't call you Shirley, grow up. I think this has been followed by the release into the hobby of some severely half arsed rulesets *coff-foundry-coff*, some over priced figures that were supposed to be the poor mans saviour... 1£ a go for a plastic foot figure?? Really??? and to top it off going to shows to be inspired and well leaving feeling the need to just end it all... No not suicide, just one big bring n buy hit with all my figures, buy a board game And join the number crunchers... But even then the stuff would just get knicked of the bring and buy stand... Theiving tw@ts had my stuff three years ago and I still ain't forgiven them... Or maybe eBay so i can feel really ripped off as I post off my paint figures at less than lead costs....

I must tho, at this point, say thank you to all the blogs i follow as i do read most of your posts... And it is comforting knowing that the hobby isn't dead yet... Also to all the forums I browse over for there continued efforts to spread the hobby... I know this post isn't nice reading, altho maybe it raised a couple of titters in places I just needed to say something is all, an icebreaker if you will to get back into making posts.... Like the Titanic of posts maybe.

Cheerio, shaun