Saturday, 1 February 2014

February painting OOB

on the hitlist for now

70 28mm AWI Highlanders
And another 70 28mm Higlanders.... Because I can't multiply 6x20 properly any more....

These are for a display game at Salute... Its gonna be close this time I think
38 Light Company -DONE 17/2
48 Grenadier Company
40 Centre Company - DONE 2/3
10 High Command (actually French but not when they are painted Red)-DONE 9/2

That's 100 kilts... Oh shit oh shit oh shit

January Catch Up
24 28mm Carthaginian - DONE 3/2
50 28mm Mantic Goblins - base coats done
3.  10mm Indian Elephants - DONE 4/2