Friday, 1 March 2013

January and February, stuff what I painted...

As its March I thought I had better have a catch up with the blogosphere.

January saw the finishing of a lot of part painted ACW, hence the overly large 190 points. I have been alternating between 50 man platoons for Shado's Imperial Guard and 24 figure ACW perry plastic units but as the IGs had slowed down I smashed through some Union units and then some Zouaves.

February arrived along with a mixed 50 figures for Shado, Last Chancers and Ratling Snipers and I cracked the seal on the ACW Cavalry I bought on day of release from Mssrs Perry themselves at Salute 2009? unfortunately I can't seem to get into groove with either set of figures, haven't painted horses in a couple of years!!!

Fortunately Charlie at the club needed a quick turn around on 3 units of Skaven, 25 in each, which I have managed to finish two of, meaning 50 points for February as opposed to a nearly 100, which will roll over to this month for completion.

Have really enjoyed the Skaven, much to my surprise, and as my son has a few hundred of the things I may just  squeeze  a few into the schedule. Although with Salute fast approaching and unprinted DreadBall teams still in the box and Season 2 due in a few weeks other things may get prioritised.

But then another painting order may roll in and knock everything sideways again.