Thursday, 11 February 2010

Moments of Clarity... then back into a blury reality

HI all,

Really being inspired by this to do something with my abandoned SYW Prussian n Austrians...


While not a player of HOTT I have DBx'd and I do play games using the Songs of Blades Engine, I know its still a game of 6 n 1's but somehow I feel less agreaved at loosing my rookie cops to gangster on a skateboard, yeah i still rolled a 1 to Richards 6, but... he is on a skateboard!! how cool is that!!

The base sizes also fit in nicely with Impetus, if i am ever allowed to play those again.

I Rebased all my ancient Romans onto 50x25 GW bases last year, not keen on rebasing again, making 12x6 sabots and having more units appeals, altho more appealing is just doing it in 10mm..... gaaaaagh

I mean looking at all my figures, projects and just WTF boxes of lead n plastic makes me wonder when i will actually get around to finishing anything anyway. I like 25mm figures, it is really what the hobby is all about.. isnt it? tho?

BUT the 10mm units look cool too, and make a 6'x4' table for 25mm figures, into the equivalent of a 18'x10' for 10mm units....

I have mostly used 8cm by 4cm bases for my 10mm Roman based in 3 ranks of 10 figures, looks mighty meaty... then my 15mm Romans are based in 3 ranks of 6, same sized base... then the 25m Romans are esentially on a 10cm by 5 cm base... oh which have i played with the most... hmm none of the have really been used more than three times anyway!! and who do they fight, well the only ones not invovled in civil war actions are the 15s which can take on the Barbarian Warbands... too much DIVERSITY still after around 6 years of purging, painting and purging again..

With the impending doom of redundancy I find myself thinking of resale values and streamlining the collection yet again, the 25mm units I am feeling may need to be sold on for now as much as it pains me, I know I can replace them one day, with Lottery winnings or something. Painted 15mm doesnt really have a resale value that i have found, but i have so little of it that to catch up with the grand scale stuff might costs more than it is worth, also there is hardly any of it with paint on!! The 10mm was bought n painted quickly to keep.... is pretty much complete and not in need of being added to either.

so what floundering projects do i have to possibly sell...

AWI Brits n Americans... around 600 figures in units of 24, 12 or 6 horse - 95% finished
Ancient Romans.. around 400 figures in units of 24, 12 or 6 horse - 95% finished
Ancient Allies n stuff.. around 300 figures - unpainted
Franco - Prussians ... around 1000 figures - 20% painted
Napoleonics... around 300 figures - unpainted
ECW ... around 300 figures - based n undercoated
GW 40k stuff ... around 600 figures plus vehicles - unpainted, some BNIB tanks but old
GW Fantasy ... around 600 figures
Warzone Plastics ... 240 figures - unassembled
Warmachine Khabdor ... 100 figures - painted by my mate Jon
Hordes Skorne .. BNIB 8 boxes of core units

40mm Lord of the Rings figures .. pre-painted around 1200 figures, including mounted
12mm MechWarrior - pre-painted clix stuff

15mm Romans
15mm Warband
15mm Suleucid
15mm Rennaisance Italians n French
15mm Fantasy Elves n Undead

and then there is the age old problem of where is best to sell it, i guess the new season of shows is comming up, bring n buys maybe, if i had more followers i could flog them straight off here

still if i am sat on my arse doing nothing else than painting figures its still constructive in the long run...

i've rambled..

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January Painting

From my logs...

8 x 30 figure 10mm Old Glory 'Dutchy of Warsaw' Infantry units
4 x 30 figure 10mm Old Glory 'Nassua' Infantry units
4 x 8 mounted figure 10mm Old Glory 'British Light Dragoons' Cavalry units
4 x 8 mounted figure 10mm Old glory ' French chassuers' Cavalry units
2 x 12 mounted figure 10mm Old Glory ' French Carrabiniers' Cavarly units
3 x 8 mounted figure 10 mm Old Glory 'French and British Hussars' Cavalry units

all based for use with either LaSalle or BlackPowder

7 bases of 15mm Samurai based for Impetus but being used with BP Ancients - 56 figures

so 640 figure... rounded out to 222 Painting Point at 3 per 1 for 10mm and 2 for 1 at 15mm

no 28mm's painted this month tho

Purchases included old glory 10mm figures, more paint, wotr 25mm perry plastic and 2 board games; Descent and Small world... both aimed at playing more games with my son at weekends, altho i cant see why they wont become an evening option with Richard or indeed at the club nights.