Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Forgot the movies

Worlds End ****/5 as good as hot fuzz, no Shaun of the dead... Some classic 'cornetto trilogy' moments that leave you wanting the next one... Still wish they had made the Vampire one ' from dusk til Shaun' but fingers crossed

Now you see me... ***/5 was ok, clever like a Colombo film, as in all the clues are there but hidden well, except one big 'oh' moment that wraps it all together....

Some big movies out next month.... Lone ranger is my next big thing, get those LOTOW rules dusted down


Hot paint brush

Well this UK weather is just getting unbearable for me... Hayfever, heat rash and no sleep... Come back winter all is forgiven, and the paint keeps drying on the brushes!!!

Figures this month so far are blue Mantic goblins... X30 done x30 nearly done x40 todo
24 figure unit of Newline Ancient Spanish ... For sale soon

Need to prep more ancients units to paint, something easier.... Phalangites maybe.

So no one seems to know what skin tones to use for the weird and wonderful allies... Numidians dark or light, Spanish earthy or tanned and Libyans ? Pfft maybe there is no right or wrong, but as long as they sell to someone I will be happy and they will be happy, maybe the only thing that needs to be right is the price


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SALE : Boardgames

Warrior Knights, New and unplayed, possibly punched - £30

Descent, big box, played once, - £90

Blood bowl team manager, played once - £15

Small world, played once - £30

please add P+P at cost or like for like if trades are being sent

More to Stuff to follow as the shelves get tidied.

May exchange for unwanted unpainted figures? Offers considered
Or if you have PayPal pennies then Perry Miniatures plastics.....
Pm me any interest or offers :)