Sunday, 27 April 2014

For me?

For now anyway....

29 28mm Renegade WW2 late war Germans :) DONE 27/4

Will be at the club Tuesday for Bolt Action escalation campaign 

First figures for me this year :) 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

And next is...

Austrian Artillery 28mm

wagon drivers and horses x30 - Done 24/4
Artillery and handlangers x45 - DONE 15/5
Guns and limbers x12 pieces

Ancients 28mm

12x Thracian Cavalry
12x Armoured Cavalry
120x Celt Infantry


8x 30 man Imagi-Nation units

Monday, 7 April 2014

salute post 2.... The heat is on

well I get 4 more bites at the cherry til Saturday and Salute....

While the figures are painted there is still bases and basing to go, so no club tomorrow, a sacrifice to the Sheild transfer and basing daemons of the Macedonian Pikes

Wednesday will be detailing the part painted Celts cavalry and paint the bases of everything brown

Thursday is detailing the Pathian horse archers and Varnish the Celts and Pathians...  And dry brushing and edges in earth

Friday is Flock and anything else that needs catching up on....

selling unbased figures is so much easier.... Hates bases.. Hatesss I do