Friday, 4 January 2013

In with the new

I have been following a painting competition type thing on another blog, hosted by Analogue, which uses a different points system to the 1pt per figure I currently use, adjusting for scale of course.

Not sure if I fancy using the convertion over but it was interesting to think of getting 5000 painting points completed in a year :) thats 1pt per 5mm.

The only time i appear to manage the 1000 figures is when i am painting Napoleonics, so maybe it could be that i return to comforting arms of the good old French 36 man units that can quickly ramp up the points, but is that 36 points or 180 i am not sure yet, either way it will be using Perry Plastic and i was holding out until they commit more usits to plastic.

The allure of plastic is the cost per figure for me, the quality are on par with metal at worst, especially with Perrys. So why when the figures are just really for me am I waiting for an Austrian Hussar in plastic when I can use the near enough British ones, or wait for a Russian Cuirrasier when a French one is just a paint job away from crossing the border. Will ponder this one while I stare at the current plastic mountain of Perry Ansar and ACW Zouaves.

Perrys really are just pulling me towards 28mm gaming, when i have committed to 10mm large scale actions... damn them and extr-ordinary skills n business accuemen.

Maybe its a case of  '28mm for show and 10mm for a pro'

It's a wrap...

Well I tried to write this end of year piece on the ups and downs of the year, but for some reason the iPad wont let me create blog posts.... probably need an upgrade to be as good as it was before when it did allow me to post.

Bit of a slow start to the year on the painting front but a surge of activity post Salute in April meant a steady flow of figures were pushed through from both the lead pile and from a large commission. didnt quite make the thousand points mark but with December needing 130 odd points I found myself stuck, literally sticking with glue.... 80 WW2 15mm vehicles from PSC, Zvezda and 2 box sets of the new FOW means that 2013 may be a FOWFest if i can find some opponents at the slowly revamping club.

The Sale of my painted Roman Army funded this years hobby, along with the car insurance and road tax, but means I no longer have a 28mm painted Ancient Army, which gathers dust but made me feel like a real wargamer. The painting of my Plastic Perry ACW Infantry does mean I get to keep a toe in the real hobby that seems to elude most of the current club trends in gaming.

Big at the club has been 40k and Dreadball, with forays into Saga and Muskets and Tomahawks, but an upsurge of new members has meant the club has a new lease of life, if it comes with a different 'vibe'.

Home gaming was non existant and playing more Hex games didnt happen at all. I need to form a plan to paint up more 10mm units and get the HEXON2 Terrain out again.

January seems to be all about planning on most other blogs and recommitting to the hobby, but to me that just places a bit of pressure  into what should be a lot of fun.

2013 - play more, paint more, have fun.