Wednesday, 5 August 2009

gotta wear shades....

Hi all,

Another month another blog I guess. Painting has slowed, but preparation work has taken place, with more Napoleonics for Pat going onto the table, meanwhile I have build the Perry Plastic British and French, then set about the Victrix French box, OMG what a nightmare in comparison to the Perrys. The poses don’t necessarily build a marching unit either, and I do like my French to be marching to glory, while the British firing poses makes sense., still have the Victrix British to build….. not sure what to do with them either, probably skirmish games. The perrys I think I will keep for making into the start of my big Napoleonic collection tho, which is very much on the back burner till there are more plastic options.

The new victrix Highlanders look too good not to get some sooner than later….

But the French heavy Cavalry from Perrys looks like the next purchase, especially if I do take the ACW stuff and Imagination it… thinking of doing something with the old Grande Army rules and Based units similar to the Impetus sizes, so approx 10cm by 5cm for most units, with 4 cavalry or 10 infantry, with officer, drummer or standard bearers on the bases giving bonus to activation. Which would give me around 25 bases of infantry and 6 of Light cavalry to play around with straight out of the boxes… so no dent in the wallet just yet, oh and with Victrix having British Foot and Horse artillery boxes available inside the year will mean adding cheap artillery is going to be easy.

Need to start shifting some of the painted stuff I have been getting thru, just not sure on what is going to be the best way forward, not liking Ebay or trusting Bring n buys anymore… any suggestions welcome! With my job (well me really) receiving a redundancy notice I will need to either generate some painting orders or sell my stuff to bring some cash in, hobby will move to the back boiler for a while, still the packages look nice and will cover the mortgage for a couple of months, hopefully the job market will improve next year too…. If not then there will be plenty of painting time… see looking on the bright side there!!

take care all


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

EG-TNG (Enfield Gamers - The Next Generation)

Well the swan song evening of pewc saw me playing Rich in NW Europe again... I took the US figures against the might of the Werhmacht, so as to not offend my American fans by loosing i gallantly allowed the figures to double as French..... win win situation i thought, until i won... then hurriedly had to make them Morrocans instead.... pesky dice just wouldnt fail me, Am starting to enjoy 'Force on force' too.

June saw the painting desk return as i mopped up some half painted and pre-prepared AWI figures i have had lurking around for a couple of years, 270 Painting points i am shocked. 24 figure units being churned out every 3 days! 6 figure cavalry unit in an evening? madness

Following TMP figures of the new Victrix Highlanders and Perry Hussars... swoon.. cant wait for these... but Perry Cuirassiers first tho... still not sure what to do with them all tho. So far the Perry British and French are all based on pennies ready for skirmishes with 'Song of Drums and Shakos' but really only keen on the activations bit of the rules, rest is DBMesque... migth need to have a fiddle about.

Also have a lot of Perrys ACW figures, so might do a little imaginations thing with those and the spare heads from the Napoleonics boxes, probably end up looking like Carlist stuff!!

Laters Ox

Monday, 22 June 2009

the pheonix from the pewc.... ewww

Well Ponders End Wargames club or PEWC ( pronounced Puke) has folded.....

But we have managed to negotiate the same venue for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, from 7 til 11, for gamers based in Enfield to come along too.

No membership, just 4£ for the evening, using the boards and terrain, or just the tables for card gaming, or even the study for a little Roleplaying...

is the new community site...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Well failed miserably all three counts so far... at least the painting is picking up

So much has changed, but i am back painting now, and its tri-corns ....

have dug out my old American Revolutionary (or Independence, if ya prefer) and am ploughing my way thru them, done the Loyalist, British Line , Grenadier's and Lights... for a 180 figures this year and am now starting on the Continentals, pictures may happen when i get flags for the boys to wave about.

On the gaming front have given up on FoG, and am just getting back into Impetus hopefully.

But the club has up n died on me... Ponders End Wargames club is no more... as it became financially enviable. The last remaining players feeling it was time to move on.... sort of, so the club is dead, Long Live the Gamers? Irregulars? or whomevers... we are going to change the name, cut the costs of the website, reduce down to 2nd n 4th Tuesday evenings and hopefully increase our numbers back to at least a regular 10, its not Over cos the fat lady aint singing but it has come to the make or break solutions before the bank roll turns red... so if you are local to Enfield and are free why not come along, theats Enfield, North London in the UNITED KINGDOM..... for those in the wider community of the net...

I will be updating more often too as the new website is going to basically be a link to all the 'not members' blogs .... confused, yeah me too

Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 The Pledge

Ok, well last year was a nearly ....

I did manage to paint over a 1000 points of figures... from some WW2 10mm thru to 2 40mm LOTR figures... so all good., but mostly my painting was for other people or bring n buy sales (flea market) so hopefully this year i will keep more of what i paint, so AWI is probably my best bet and easiest start for the year... also i need to finish all the nearly done ancient units, thats nearly 200 painting points for free!!

Didnt manage to keep up the weekly blogs entries....

Didnt manage to put up a photo of everyhting i painted....

So this year i will opt for 1000 figure again, a weekly update and some photos.

Thanks to Iron mitten, Der Alte Fritz and Paintermeister for all the inspiration over the past year of hobby trials and tribulations.